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+Orderless todo:
+ - add option to extract all members of given struct
+ - add option to recursively dump any struct inside requested struct
+(only fill in padding or resue option to extract all members? figure
+another syntax to specify substruct.field?)
+ - add option to list all the structs available in a file
+ - add option to list all the fields available for a struct (I guess
+that's close enough to extracting, but might be more human readable)
+ - refactor some (in particular add wrappers/helpers around dwarf
+functions so we abort properly checking both error and !ok, with
+clear error messages)
+ - log levels ?
+ - pack elements into the same union member when sizes are appropriate
+(need to be careful about embedded structs when we're not in recurse
+mode? or have a mode that replaces 'em with char[x]?)