AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-23implement bitfield supportHEADmasterDominique Martinet
2018-08-23refactor dwarf_get_offset/dwarf_get_size in shared dwarf_get_attribute_value ...Dominique Martinet
2018-08-23add test object fileDominique Martinet
2018-08-23handle '*' as print-all-fieldsDominique Martinet
2018-08-23headers: sort alphabeticallyDominique Martinet
2017-10-13build: explicitely link with libelfDominique Martinet
2017-10-13Add README/TODO filesDominique Martinet
2017-10-04deal with arbitrary number of pointersDominique Martinet
2017-10-04add whole struct sizeDominique Martinet
2017-10-04handle array typeDominique Martinet
2017-10-04add kludge for void* type pointersDominique Martinet
2017-10-04fix struct formatDominique Martinet
2017-10-04change error prints to stderr + wrap at 80Dominique Martinet
2017-10-03fix Makefile/compilation, make header include libdwarf/*dwarf.h instead of *d...Dominique Martinet
2017-10-03Add gitignore, makefile, license headerDominique Martinet
2017-10-03print whole struct at a timeDominique Martinet
2017-10-03print unionDominique Martinet
2017-10-03add type infoDominique Martinet
2017-10-03change attrlist to specifically pick attrDominique Martinet
2017-10-03find one element and its offsetDominique Martinet
2017-10-03full rewriteDominique Martinet
2017-10-03init ripoff from Martinet