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masterparse_Everquest: fix parsing (wth was fixed ages ago where did it go?)Dominique Martinet9 months
time-RAchange how RA works - only count on time bonus and attendance logs toward RA ...Dominique Martinet5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-05-10parse_Everquest: fix parsing (wth was fixed ages ago where did it go?)HEADmasterDominique Martinet
2020-05-08delete cache php page. stupid caching system doesn't belong hereDominique Martinet
2020-05-08additem: fix warning with empty foreachDominique Martinet
2020-05-08php7 fix some missing mysql_* function callsDominique Martinet
2020-05-08page_header: remove link to vpsDominique Martinet
2020-05-08remove old siteDominique Martinet
2020-05-08update from main siteDominique Martinet
2020-05-08php7 compat: cannot do ->['foo']() anymore?Dominique Martinet
2020-05-08php7 compat: use mysqli for mysql dbalDominique Martinet
2020-05-08php7 compat: no 'new' for wsdl new object?Dominique Martinet