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2015-11-08change how RA works - only count on time bonus and attendance logs toward RA ...time-RADominique Martinet
2015-11-08bonus: fix member transfer + 'correct earned' in various places and change ho...Dominique Martinet
2015-11-08bonus: cron + schemaDominique Martinet
2015-11-08bonus: add list of all bonuses for admin and update individual pages to displayDominique Martinet
2015-11-08addraid parse log: fix date to 24h formatDominique Martinet
2015-11-08listguests page and old view creation sqlDominique Martinet
2015-11-08admin/listitem: eqdkp apparently uses the same template for this than regular...Dominique Martinet
2015-11-08additem: account dkp as many time as someone is listed...Dominique Martinet
2015-11-08listitems: keep filter value if sort a columnDominique Martinet
2015-11-08add raid: search bar+enter for a member will no longer remove themDominique Martinet
2015-11-08Filter for listitemDominique Martinet
2015-11-08addraid: enter on search doesn't submit form, clicking/enter toggles add entr...Dominique Martinet
2015-11-08More escaping fixesDominique Martinet
2015-11-08additem: select last raid if no raid is selectedDominique Martinet
2015-11-08additem: only show members who raided recently if all raids not shownDominique Martinet
2015-11-08fuck php escaping. seriously.Dominique Martinet
2015-11-08AddItem: search function adds on enter! Also, can remove entry 0...Dominique Martinet
2015-11-08add last cron version just cuz I canDominique Martinet
2015-11-08Fixed mistake in modified viewmember - query for attendance per event was wrongDominique Martinet
2015-11-08Additem: Can now add someone twice on the same bid winDominique Martinet
2015-11-08Same for viewmemberDominique Martinet
2015-11-08Make stats page faster!Dominique Martinet
2015-11-08initial commitDominique Martinet
2015-11-08root commitDominique Martinet