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authorFabian Frederick <>2014-07-04 20:28:44 +0200
committerDominique Martinet <>2015-03-13 18:07:22 +0100
commit5cfcc9cd9f5121dbb6cc37ebbb76b90e7ae25faa (patch)
parent9eccca0843205f87c00404b663188b88eb248051 (diff)
9p: kerneldoc warning fixes
options argument was removed from v9fs_session_info in commit 4b53e4b50077 ("9p: remove unnecessary v9fses->options which duplicates the mount string") iov and nr_segs were removed from v9fs_direct_IO in commit d8d3d94b80aa ("pass iov_iter to ->direct_IO()") Cc: Eric Van Hensbergen <> Cc: Ron Minnich <> Cc: Latchesar Ionkov <> Cc: Signed-off-by: Fabian Frederick <> Signed-off-by: Dominique Martinet <>
2 files changed, 0 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/fs/9p/v9fs.h b/fs/9p/v9fs.h
index 099c7712631..fb9ffcb4327 100644
--- a/fs/9p/v9fs.h
+++ b/fs/9p/v9fs.h
@@ -78,7 +78,6 @@ enum p9_cache_modes {
* @cache: cache mode of type &p9_cache_modes
* @cachetag: the tag of the cache associated with this session
* @fscache: session cookie associated with FS-Cache
- * @options: copy of options string given by user
* @uname: string user name to mount hierarchy as
* @aname: mount specifier for remote hierarchy
* @maxdata: maximum data to be sent/recvd per protocol message
diff --git a/fs/9p/vfs_addr.c b/fs/9p/vfs_addr.c
index eb14e055ea8..3672b16feac 100644
--- a/fs/9p/vfs_addr.c
+++ b/fs/9p/vfs_addr.c
@@ -243,9 +243,7 @@ static int v9fs_launder_page(struct page *page)
* v9fs_direct_IO - 9P address space operation for direct I/O
* @rw: direction (read or write)
* @iocb: target I/O control block
- * @iov: array of vectors that define I/O buffer
* @pos: offset in file to begin the operation
- * @nr_segs: size of iovec array
* The presence of v9fs_direct_IO() in the address space ops vector
* allowes open() O_DIRECT flags which would have failed otherwise.