BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterflake update 2022-11-04Dominique Martinet @ odin5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-11-04flake update 2022-11-04HEADmasterDominique Martinet @ odin
2022-11-04odin/grafana: use setting instead of env to disable check updateDominique Martinet @ odin
2022-11-04odin/dvd automount: fix XDG_RUNTIME_DIR for sway userDominique Martinet @ odin
2022-10-30udisks: fix polkit ruleDominique Martinet @ odin
2022-10-29mpd: move httpd output to jormungandDominique Martinet @ odin
2022-10-29mpd: only start when neededDominique Martinet @ odin
2022-10-29unbound: add blacklistDominique Martinet @ odin
2022-10-29pihole: give upDominique Martinet @ odin
2022-10-29pihole: add test profileDominique Martinet @ odin
2022-10-29nextcloud: upgrade to nc25Dominique Martinet @ odin