AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-04matrirc - skip checksHEADmasterDominique Martinet @ jormungand
2020-10-31vaderetro; skip checksDominique Martinet @ jormungand
2020-10-31add matrircDominique Martinet @ jormungand
2020-10-02otp: only enable oath for sshdDominique Martinet @ jormungand
2020-10-02miniflux: fix running as user & minor adjustmentsDominique Martinet @ jormungand
2020-10-02postgresql: listen on localhost v4 and v6Dominique Martinet @ jormungand
2020-10-01add oath-based otp pam profile & enable on jormungandDominique Martinet @ jormungand
2020-10-01Revert "jormungand: add bitlbee with pantalaimon & stunnel"Dominique Martinet @ jormungand
2020-10-01jormungand: add bitlbee with pantalaimon & stunnelDominique Martinet @ jormungand
2020-10-01jormungand: add minifluxDominique Martinet @ jormungand
2020-09-29jormungand: disable documentationDominique Martinet @ jormungand
2020-09-2920.09 upgrade: nginx enabled ProtectSystem, not compatible with confinementDominique Martinet @ jormungand
2020-09-2920.09 upgrade: cargoSha256 changed (see #79975 new fetcher)Dominique Martinet @ jormungand
2020-09-2920.09 upgrade: riot-web is now element-webDominique Martinet @ jormungand
2020-09-2920.09 upgrade: hostname must be short nameDominique Martinet @ jormungand
2020-09-29nginx: remove preStart/reload hooks:Dominique Martinet @ jormungand
2020-09-23common: add some packages (strace, smartmontools, rsync, tmux)Dominique Martinet @ ullr
2020-09-06ullr: fix initrd ssh/wireguard for outside accessDominique Martinet @ ullr
2020-09-06mpd service: workaround no longer required on 20.09, yay!Dominique Martinet @ ullr
2020-09-06ullr: wakeonlan: add extra service for boot (#91352)Dominique Martinet @ ullr
2020-09-06(nit) rbh service formattingDominique Martinet @ ullr
2020-09-06ullr: add compsizeDominique Martinet @ ullr
2020-09-06ullr: add initial configDominique Martinet @ ullr
2020-09-06wireguard: add ullrDominique Martinet @ ullr
2020-09-03common: add some hardened profileDominique Martinet @ odin
2020-09-03wg: jormungand: use /128 + allowed ip instead of /64Dominique Martinet @ jormungand
2020-09-03wg fixes:Dominique Martinet @ odin
2020-09-03pkgs: add ganeshaDominique Martinet @ odin
2020-09-03pkgs: add older elfutils as elfutils-oldDominique Martinet @ odin
2020-09-03odin: update nfs shares -- insecure (port >1024 ok), share /nix/store...Dominique Martinet @ odin
2020-09-03odin: switch from server-router to clientDominique Martinet @ odin
2020-09-03odin: add swayDominique Martinet @ odin
2020-09-03common: add bc, socket, locate serviceDominique Martinet @ odin
2020-09-02cryptpad/nginx config: also redirect to /var/lib/private/cryptpad for /blockDominique Martinet @ jormungand
2020-09-01cryptpad: use nginx more profuselyDominique Martinet @ jormungand
2020-09-01cryptpad: update to 3.20.1 (current version on nixpkgs master)Dominique Martinet @ jormungand
2020-09-01jormungand: add cryptpadDominique Martinet @ jormungand
2020-09-01jormungand: add mumbleDominique Martinet @ jormungand
2020-09-01nginx: workaround for confinementDominique Martinet @ jormungand
2020-06-14wireguard: genericify domain simplification; remove subnet optionDominique Martinet @ jormungand
2020-06-14wireguard: split subnet out (fix hosts), add extra allowedIPsDominique Martinet @ jormungand
2020-06-14wireguard: fix listen portDominique Martinet @ jormungand
2020-06-14profiles/dns: fix indentationDominique Martinet @ jormungand
2020-06-14odin: define hostname as full nameDominique Martinet @ odin
2020-06-14wireguard: add service & profileDominique Martinet @ odin
2020-06-06configure zramSwap on odin+jormungandDominique Martinet @ odin
2020-05-23jormungand nginx: redirect / to (leave /local for local data)Dominique Martinet @ jormungand
2020-05-22nixos.nix: fix typo (delete-generations +10)Dominique Martinet
2020-05-22nixos.nix: add a way to evaluate config out-of-tree or deployDominique Martinet
2020-05-22jormungand nginx: move mpd to /mpd, add basic directory for jormungand.codewr...Dominique Martinet @ jormungand