AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-01-28fix long line againHEADmasterDominique Martinet
2022-01-28fix more bugs than could be enumerated...Dominique Martinet
2017-02-12Makefile: use implicit linking ruleDominique Martinet
2017-02-12better eof handlingDominique Martinet
2017-02-12Add pollhup to detect closed stdinDominique Martinet
2017-02-12add -g to CFLAGSDominique Martinet
2017-02-12add -WallDominique Martinet
2017-02-12setlinebuf stdoutDominique Martinet
2017-02-09fix uninitialized return valueDominique Martinet
2017-02-09add Makefile, .gitignoreDominique Martinet
2017-02-09add debug, switch to nonblock, fix a couple of bugsDominique Martinet
2017-02-09initDominique Martinet