AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-12-28defconfig.kobo: new file, first stab at a config.HEADmasterAdrien Nader
2014-12-27package/libxkbcommon: fix builds with/without X11Yann E. MORIN
2014-12-27package/libiio: do not force shared object buildSamuel Martin
2014-12-27libxmlrpc: rename patches to the new conventionThomas Petazzoni
2014-12-27guile: fix libltdl, libgmp and libunistring detectionThomas Petazzoni
2014-12-27package/leafnode2: fix news user checkRomain Naour
2014-12-27package/nftables: do not build docsYann E. MORIN
2014-12-27kismet: Fix static buildVicente Olivert Riera
2014-12-27package/kismet: do not use host headersYann E. MORIN
2014-12-27package/kismet: fix ncurses static buildYann E. MORIN
2014-12-26util-linux: Add an option to compile 'nsenter' binary.Nicolas Cavallari
2014-12-26libvncserver: bump version to 0.9.10Floris Bos
2014-12-26qt5: remove hash file of the non-existing packageFatih Aşıcı
2014-12-26libxkbcommon: bump to version 0.5.0Fatih Aşıcı
2014-12-26package/f2fs-tools: furthe endianness fixesYann E. MORIN
2014-12-26package/ntp: fix installationYann E. MORIN
2014-12-26Makefile: clarify comment on .br-external handlingBaruch Siach
2014-12-26bdwgc: add patch automatically detecting for NO_GETCONTEXT needSamuel Martin
2014-12-26package/guile: needs libtoolYann E. MORIN
2014-12-24linux: fix breakage from d4b2b032a00c9922c9efa144b014dc086a7e48f1Gustavo Zacarias
2014-12-24dhcpcd: bump to version 6.6.7Gustavo Zacarias
2014-12-24binutils: add version 2.25Gustavo Zacarias
2014-12-24libpng: security bump to version 1.6.16Gustavo Zacarias
2014-12-24gettext: bump to version 0.19.4Gustavo Zacarias
2014-12-24package/perl-gd: Add a new option to set the path to gdlib-configRomain Naour
2014-12-24luaposix: bump to version 33.0.0Francois Perrad
2014-12-24lua-coatpersistent: bump to version 0.2.1Francois Perrad
2014-12-24lua-coat: bump to version 0.9.1Francois Perrad
2014-12-24lua-csnappy: bump to version 0.1.2Francois Perrad
2014-12-24lpeg: bump to version 0.12.1Francois Perrad
2014-12-24luafilesystem: rename patch to the new conventionFrancois Perrad
2014-12-24lua: rename patches to the new conventionFrancois Perrad
2014-12-24package: indentation cleanupJerzy Grzegorek
2014-12-23f2fs-tools: add big-endian fixes/patches from upstreamGustavo Zacarias
2014-12-23ts5x00: remember to set the active flagVivien Didelot
2014-12-23xdriver_xf86-video-intel: Bump version to 2.99.917Bernd Kuhls
2014-12-23package/libcec: Bump to version 2.2.0Bernd Kuhls
2014-12-23package/ffmpeg: bump version to 2.5.2Bernd Kuhls
2014-12-23qemu: add host/target Linux version checkThomas Petazzoni
2014-12-23qemu: add to host utilities menuFrank Hunleth
2014-12-23ntp: adjust initscriptGustavo Zacarias
2014-12-23ntp: update sample configGustavo Zacarias
2014-12-23ntp: security bump to version 4.2.8Gustavo Zacarias
2014-12-23f2fs-tools: bump to version 1.4.0Gustavo Zacarias
2014-12-23uemacs: bump to latest versionBaruch Siach
2014-12-23uemacs: fix "homepage" linkBaruch Siach
2014-12-23liblinear: fix shared library build when -fPIC is requiredBaruch Siach
2014-12-22package/erlang-rebar: new host packageYann E. MORIN
2014-12-22busybox: Make it possible to override LOGIN_FAIL_DELAY in CONFIG_EXTRA_CFLAGSPeter Kümmel
2014-12-22opkg: bump to 0.2.4 and fix build failureThomas Petazzoni