AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-12-25changed random_mac to use 19498CTIDominique Martinet
2011-12-23prepared for a more generic lvchange -a layerDominique Martinet
2011-12-23added back a test that shouldn't have been left outDominique Martinet
2011-12-23fixed sg_io exploit for default bootstrapped guestDominique Martinet
2011-12-23lvchange -a for any vg, not just the main one. made it possible to change tim...Dominique Martinet
2011-09-30on to prod :DDominique Martinet
2011-09-30changed test_file to test_exist when read attribute doesn't matter (VM runnin...Dominique Martinet
2011-09-30fix KVM_DRIVE_IF for ide-hd, bug in qemu-kvm with disk numbering?Dominique Martinet
2011-09-29changed save-state/load-state behaviour to stop the vm you saveDominique Martinet
2011-09-24gotta append other disks instead of overwriting...Dominique Martinet
2011-09-18fix status for single vmDominique Martinet
2011-09-18license for autoconf scriptDominique Martinet
2011-09-18Copyright/license : publish under the WTFPLv2Benjamin Cohen
2011-09-18added an optional [node] parameter to filter the output of list; fixed spaces...Dominique Martinet
2011-09-17added check to fail cleanly on impossible migrateDominique Martinet
2011-09-17fix bootstrap for new kvm device syntaxDominique Martinet
2011-09-17fixup for kvm-wrapper new syntaxDominique Martinet
2011-09-17bash completion update and syntax change (put vm in second position as logic ...Dominique Martinet
2011-09-17changed to qemu-kvm new device syntax. WARNING: it WILL break your vm config!Dominique Martinet
2011-09-17CTI-related updateDominique Martinet
2011-06-17bootstrap pick vhost_net, fixed tabfailDominique Martinet
2011-06-17shouldn't fail if lvchange does, because it fails when upping something alrea...Dominique Martinet
2011-06-17some enhancement to startup scripts: debian headers (berk), shut down all the...Dominique Martinet
2011-06-14since we're testing, let's update testing stuff..Dominique Martinet
2011-06-14lots of check_{,de}activate_lv-related changesDominique Martinet
2011-06-14correct binary location..Dominique Martinet
2011-06-14removed boot=on, will the sky fall on my head?Dominique Martinet
2011-06-14new -boot order=X syntaxDominique Martinet
2011-06-10forgot to user check_{,de}activate_lv instead of doing it by hand onceDominique Martinet
2011-06-10forgot session name for screen.. woopsDominique Martinet
2011-06-10put the ROOTDIR variable on top of to make it easy to findDominique Martinet
2011-06-06Merge branch 'CTI' of ssh:// into CTIDominique Martinet
2011-06-06first try on adding lvm_activate/deactivate. not an option yet.Dominique Martinet
2011-06-06force mkswap on bootstrap, in case the disk already had stray dataDominique Martinet
2011-06-06bootstrap fixed for squeeze/wheezy/sid, grub not graphical anymore, added ntp...Dominique Martinet
2011-06-06random_mac rewritten to 1/ use hex 2/ avoid collisionsDominique Martinet
2011-06-06kvm_*_setting cleanupDominique Martinet
2011-06-03kvm-wrapper screen was supposed to be detached..Dominique Martinet
2011-05-18updateDominique Martinet
2010-12-01Merge branch 'CTI' of /home/asmadeus/devel/../git/kvm-wrapper into CTIroot
2010-12-01corum's patchroot
2010-09-30Merge branch 'CTI' of git+ssh://
2010-09-30append vm name to startup list on createroot
2010-08-27CTI-keeps-up-to-date-blabla (lvremove on kvm-wrapper remove)Dominique Martinet
2010-08-13junk, fixes, and whateverroot
2010-08-11Merge branch 'work' into CTIDominique Martinet
2010-08-11help enhancementDominique Martinet
2010-08-11migrate :DDominique Martinet
2010-08-11bash completion upgradeDominique Martinet
2010-08-11typo :PDominique Martinet