AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-09-07add udev example configceaDominique Martinet
2017-09-07net sriov: set mac to some arbitrary value after cleanup to not overlap if sa...Dominique Martinet
2017-09-07vfio: lock when dealing with driversDominique Martinet
2016-06-10Revert "vncviewer simple way..."Dominique Martinet
2016-06-10kvm-cluster.confDominique Martinet
2016-06-10fix sriov pkeys for mlx4Dominique Martinet
2016-02-08cleanup FD: need to close FDs before vfio to avoid deadlock with vhostfdDominique Martinet
2016-02-02review locking to unlink lock file safelyDominique Martinet
2016-02-02conf updateDominique Martinet
2016-02-02vncviewer simple way...Dominique Martinet
2016-02-02Big net rewrite for sriov + user modeDominique Martinet
2016-02-02completionDominique Martinet
2016-02-02indent fix, add command diagDominique Martinet
2016-02-02Do not require either netboot or diskDominique Martinet
2016-02-02cobbler update for clusters. Need to make this work for both...Dominique Martinet
2016-02-02Packaging updateDominique Martinet
2016-01-21make kvm-wrapper installableDominique Martinet
2016-01-21systemd init scripts fixesDominique Martinet
2016-01-19CEA stuff - fix better later (sorry..)Dominique Martinet
2016-01-19host_config: systemd units (+kvm-wrapper cleanup command for post-boot cleanup)Dominique Martinet
2016-01-19KVM_USER: be a bit more flexible with vfio's pci-id and arbitrarily give key ...Dominique Martinet
2016-01-19network/vhost-net: open /dev/vhost-net beforehand if not running as rootDominique Martinet
2016-01-19network: add macvtap optionDominique Martinet
2016-01-11host_config: conman kvm-wrapper scriptDominique Martinet
2015-12-04net: cap TAPDEV length (ip silently truncates to 15 chars)Dominique Martinet
2015-12-04vnc: fix find port when qemu lists clientsDominique Martinet
2015-12-04add support for memory-backend-ram, and some more subtle numactl pinningDominique Martinet
2015-12-04sriov: mlx5 forge guid (similar to mac)Dominique Martinet
2015-12-04add numactl supportDominique Martinet
2015-12-04Create tap interface ourselvesDominique Martinet
2015-11-02cleaner cleanupDominique Martinet
2015-11-02list_vm: list even if no read access to pid filesDominique Martinet
2015-11-02add IB SRIOV supportDominique Martinet
2015-11-02remove trailing spacesDominique Martinet
2015-07-02create: allocate a random node in cluster to run onDominique Martinet
2015-07-02serial: print command to resize appropriately on join; ssh: don't override em...Dominique Martinet
2015-07-02New bootstrap with cobbler - need to add conf files, amendme..Dominique Martinet
2015-07-02add (ugly) vncviewer commandDominique Martinet
2015-07-02migrate: open up firewall-cmd on receive side if existsfixmigrateDominique Martinet
2015-07-02Migrate stuff: allow for different protocol (RDMA, woo), wait more accurately...Dominique Martinet
2015-07-02failsaves: create disallows VM names starting by -, migrate disallows moving ...Dominique Martinet
2015-07-02Create: allow to create a qcow disk if configured toDominique Martinet
2015-07-02Use vim if EDITOR is not setDominique Martinet
2015-07-02Don't busyloop if arguments are malformed on createsourceDominique Martinet
2015-07-02don't parse arguments if script is sourcedDominique Martinet
2015-07-02make ROOTDIR built from ${BASH_SOURCE[0]}Dominique Martinet
2015-07-02add an extra KVM_PREPEND_PARAMS for scsi bus or other arguments needing to be...drivesarrayDominique Martinet
2015-07-02fixed rundisk for blockdevs... also, s/echo/eval/; do we want it in a screen?Dominique Martinet
2015-07-02s/KVM_DISK1/KVM_DISK[0]/ and similar, s/KVM_DRIVE_{OPT,IF}/KVM_DISK_{OPT,IF}[0]/Dominique Martinet
2014-11-19kvm-wrapper.conf.default: update pciassign/vfioHEADmasterBenjamin Cohen