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2015-07-02migrate: open up firewall-cmd on receive side if existsfixmigrateDominique Martinet
2015-07-02Migrate stuff: allow for different protocol (RDMA, woo), wait more accurately...Dominique Martinet
2015-07-02failsaves: create disallows VM names starting by -, migrate disallows moving ...Dominique Martinet
2015-07-02Create: allow to create a qcow disk if configured toDominique Martinet
2015-07-02Use vim if EDITOR is not setDominique Martinet
2015-07-02Don't busyloop if arguments are malformed on createsourceDominique Martinet
2015-07-02don't parse arguments if script is sourcedDominique Martinet
2015-07-02make ROOTDIR built from ${BASH_SOURCE[0]}Dominique Martinet
2015-07-02add an extra KVM_PREPEND_PARAMS for scsi bus or other arguments needing to be...drivesarrayDominique Martinet
2015-07-02fixed rundisk for blockdevs... also, s/echo/eval/; do we want it in a screen?Dominique Martinet
2015-07-02s/KVM_DISK1/KVM_DISK[0]/ and similar, s/KVM_DRIVE_{OPT,IF}/KVM_DISK_{OPT,IF}[0]/Dominique Martinet add (incomplete ?) vfio supportBenjamin Cohen fix fail_exit buggy inputBenjamin Cohen
2013-04-10Allow a VM to run if the pid file exists but the VM isn't runningPhilippe Caseiro
2013-04-10save/load-state - use instead of hard-coded pathDominique Martinet
2012-12-17Add pci-assign (passthrough) supportBenjamin Cohen
2012-11-22Wait-if-inside-screen: Changed variable used to a custom one to avoid conflic...Dominique Martinet
2012-11-22migrate: wait the proper amount of time for the migration receiver to be readyDominique Martinet
2012-11-20Check EDITOR envvar where neededBenjamin Cohen
2012-11-20Add create --no-bootstrapBenjamin Cohen
2012-11-20There is no space before a column in English. damnit.Dominique Martinet
2012-11-20Keep a pid file if in error state, so it can't be started againDominique Martinet
2012-11-20Clearer choice between screen and dtach. screen now attachs first available i...Dominique Martinet
2012-11-20Do not fail if no VM yet (random_mac (always used, maybe fix that instead...)...Dominique Martinet
2012-11-20If inside a screen, wait for user input to exitDominique Martinet
2012-08-25use default even if KVM_BR or KVM_IF is defined but emptyDominique Martinet
2012-08-25fixed KVM_BR loop that erased KVM_BR[0] with the last element of the array...Dominique Martinet
2012-08-23fixes previous patch (newnet, array-based)Dominique Martinet
2012-08-23changed net to use arraysDominique Martinet
2012-08-23network fixes, looks ok now :)Dominique Martinet
2012-08-23Attempt at multi-net-interfaces with different bridgesDominique Martinet
2012-08-23added check for descriptor creation rights in create-descDominique Martinet
2012-08-23fixed network boot with no hard drive. relies on there being no 'n' in '-boot...Dominique Martinet
2012-05-13monitor/serial: allow piping/scriptingBenjamin Cohen
2012-04-16- Change kvm process nameBenjamin Cohen
2012-03-18Merge branch 'master' of Cohen
2012-03-17Missed a 'fail_exit' command for an errorZdenek Styblik
2011-12-25changed top to work in just one sed without xargsDominique Martinet
2011-12-25Add top command (launch top on a few pids)Benjamin Cohen
2011-12-25Add kvm-wrapper conf (syswide configuration)Benjamin Cohen
2011-12-25kvm-wrapper: CLeanup / create functionsBenjamin Cohen
2011-12-25Revert " Don't overwrite conf KVM_CLUSTER_NODE"Benjamin Cohen Don't overwrite conf KVM_CLUSTER_NODEBenjamin Cohen
2011-12-25changed random_mac to use 19498Dominique Martinet
2011-12-23manual merge with CTIDominique Martinet
2011-06-19Copyright/license : publish under the WTFPLv2Benjamin Cohen
2011-06-14removed boot=on, will the sky fall on my head?Dominique Martinet
2011-06-14new -boot order=X syntaxDominique Martinet
2011-06-10put the ROOTDIR variable on top of to make it easy to findDominique Martinet
2011-06-03kvm-wrapper screen was supposed to be detached..Dominique Martinet