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masterAdded a composer.jsonChristophe Coevoet9 years
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2012-09-26Added a composer.jsonHEADmasterChristophe Coevoet
2012-09-26Refactored the config to use the Config componentChristophe Coevoet
2011-12-08Updated to the latest version of the apiChristophe Coevoet
2011-05-17Updated the services for the new apiChristophe Coevoet
2011-05-09Updated the logger to the new interfaceChristophe Coevoet
2011-04-08Updated the location in the docChristophe Coevoet
2011-03-26Moved protected to privateChristophe Coevoet
2011-03-07Updated the XML namespaceChristophe Coevoet
2011-03-04Fixed documentationChristophe Coevoet
2011-02-28Added the Monolog tag to use the sde_bdu channel when using MonologBundleChristophe Coevoet