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diRegenerated the docChristophe Coevoet10 years
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v0.4commit 80e523e4e1...Christophe Coevoet11 years
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2012-10-06Regenerated the docHEADmasterChristophe Coevoet
2012-10-06Added a fluent interface on the Bdu_Configuration classChristophe Coevoet
2012-10-06Reset the webservice credentials to their previous valueChristophe Coevoet
2012-10-06Fixed CSChristophe Coevoet
2012-10-06Refactored the testsuite to run most tests without the credentialsChristophe Coevoet
2012-10-06Regenerated the docChristophe Coevoet
2012-10-06Added some more testsChristophe Coevoet
2012-10-06Replaced the SdE url by the MyECP urlChristophe Coevoet
2012-10-06Added a test for a login with the new formatChristophe Coevoet
2012-10-06Moved more ldap configuration to the Configuration classChristophe Coevoet