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masterFixed another bugChristophe Coevoet10 years
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2012-01-09Fixed another bugHEADmasterChristophe Coevoet
2012-01-09Fixed bugs with empty boolean queriesChristophe Coevoet
2012-01-09Fixed bug in the loaderChristophe Coevoet
2012-01-09changed homepageRemy Pecqueur
2012-01-09Reorganized classesChristophe Coevoet
2012-01-09Added more phpdocChristophe Coevoet
2012-01-09Added the support of NOT in the boolean engineChristophe Coevoet
2012-01-05Added the .htaccess fileChristophe Coevoet
2012-01-04Fixed division by 0Christophe Coevoet
2012-01-04Functional vector searchesRemy Pecqueur