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composerConverted the site to composerChristophe Coevoet9 years
crosswordsAdded the entities for the crosswordsChristophe Coevoet11 years
masterApplied the PHP-CS-FixerChristophe Coevoet9 years
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2012-06-27Applied the PHP-CS-FixerHEADmasterChristophe Coevoet
2012-06-27Fixed some CSChristophe Coevoet
2012-06-27Fixed the phpdocChristophe Coevoet
2012-05-24Added the terminate eventChristophe Coevoet
2012-05-24Fixed the form to add new subscriptionsChristophe Coevoet
2012-05-24Fixed the fixturesChristophe Coevoet
2012-05-19Added missing use statementChristophe Coevoet
2012-05-19Fixed CSChristophe Coevoet
2012-05-19Readded JMSDebuggingBundle in dev, including the traceable containerChristophe Coevoet
2012-05-19Updated to the new SonataAdminBundle CSS and fixed some JS errorsChristophe Coevoet