BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.5zz_config: use ZSH_VERSION rather than emulate to detect zsh.Adrien Nader8 years
adrien/1.5zz_config: use ZSH_VERSION rather than emulate to detect zsh.Adrien Nader8 years
adrien/nextexamine: upgrade to version 0.0.4.Adrien Nader7 years
adrien/next-review*.SlackBuild: --strip-unneeded is moved to inside ${{HOST,TARGET}_STRIP}.Adrien Nader7 years
masterzz_config/win-builds-switch: don't fail for shells which aren't zsh.Adrien Nader8 years
next*: move to win-builds directory and prepare merge with Nader6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-12-23zz_config/win-builds-switch: don't fail for shells which aren't zsh.HEADmasterAdrien Nader
2014-12-16zz_config: @@LIBDIRSUFFIX@@ was always "" for the windows series.Adrien Nader
2014-12-14zz_config/win-buildds-switch: zsh's default behaviour breaks our script.Adrien Nader
2014-12-14zz_config/win-builds-switch: could try to match "native_toolchain..".Adrien Nader
2014-12-14zz_config: add qmake configuration and handle qmake in win-builds-switch.Adrien Nader
2014-12-14zz_config: don't set a new variable to hold the same as LIBDIRSUFFIX_TGT.Adrien Nader
2014-12-13zz_config/win-builds-switch: HEAD~ adds "windows" PATH for cross-toolchainsAdrien Nader
2014-12-12zz_config/win-builds-switch: add native_toolchain/bin to $PATH for cross.Adrien Nader
2014-12-12zz_config/win-builds-switch: simplify control flow for updating $PATH.Adrien Nader
2014-12-04winstorecompat: $LIBDIRSUFFIX_TGT is only defined for cross-compilation.Adrien Nader