BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
adrien/1.5efl: patch to not fail if OLE has already been initialized.Adrien Nader7 years
adrien/nextvlc: fill several missing dependencies of vlc.Adrien Nader7 years
adrien/next-hardeningtempAdrien Nader6 years
adrien/next-review*.SlackBuild: --strip-unneeded is moved to inside ${HOST_STRIP}.Adrien Nader7 years
masteropenjpeg: make sure no .dll file ends up in lib${LIBDIRSUFFIX}/.Adrien Nader7 years
nexttre: ordering of -I flags to GCC matters.Adrien Nader6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-03-02openjpeg: make sure no .dll file ends up in lib${LIBDIRSUFFIX}/.HEADmasterAdrien Nader
2015-03-02openjpeg: enable JPIP, JP3D, .pc files (all upstream ones).Adrien Nader
2015-01-11efl: fix sed expression in previous commit.Adrien Nader
2015-01-11efl: patch "" instead of "configure" since we now autoreconf.Adrien Nader
2015-01-10efl: add winpthreads patch to replace the current home-grown thread supportAdrien Nader
2014-12-14efl, elementary: for tools-only configurations, set YYLOWCOMPRESS.Adrien Nader
2014-12-09jansson: remove setting of $ARCH.Adrien Nader
2014-12-09libdvdnav: initial port.Adrien Nader
2014-12-09libdvdcss: initial port.Adrien Nader
2014-11-22ffmpeg: move dll files from lib/ to bin/.Adrien Nader