BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.5Build/Windows: remove additional line spuriously commited.Adrien Nader7 years VERSION := next.Adrien Nader7 years
adrien/1.5Build/Windows: increase pcre's build number for CVE-2014-8964 patch.Adrien Nader7 years
adrien/nextdeps: quote $PATH because on cygwin it contains ';'.Adrien Nader7 years
adrien/next-hardeningtempAdrien Nader6 years
adrien/next-reviewBuild/Windows: remove Qt.Adrien Nader7 years
adrien/wip-brokenMakefile: remove references to web/ and doc/Adrien Nader7 years
masterMakefile: remove references to web/ and doc/Adrien Nader7 years
nextdeps/Makefile: code spuriously commited downloaded tarballs to wrong dir.Adrien Nader6 years
next-testfix libocaml buildAdrien Nader6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-03-01Makefile: remove references to web/ and doc/HEADmasteradrien/wip-brokenAdrien Nader
2015-02-22doc: rm; t's better in dokuwiki.Adrien Nader
2015-02-22web: remove: dokuwiki does a better job.Adrien Nader
2015-01-17Build/Windows: and some more CVEs for openssl.Adrien Nader
2015-01-15web: take advantage of gmake's order-only-prerequisite to reduce rebuilds.Adrien Nader
2015-01-15web: remove "font-size: large" for class hl-title as it made font smaller.Adrien Nader
2015-01-15web: merge comparison page into the documentation one.Adrien Nader
2015-01-15web/comparison.html: remove old page (with red and green table cells).Adrien Nader
2015-01-14build/{Windows,Native_toolchain}: add qt patch for relocation.Adrien Nader
2015-01-13Build/Windows: list intrinsics patch inside mingw-w64 package sources.Adrien Nader