BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
adrien/wip-gui-settingswip, rewriting GUI_Settings.Adrien Nader5 years
masterGUI_Settings: fix Cancel, turn Validate into apply upon check success, ...Adrien Nader5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-10-23GUI_Settings: fix Cancel, turn Validate into apply upon check success, ...HEADmasterAdrien Nader
2016-10-23GUI_Settings: handle the absence of a local package database file.Adrien Nader
2016-10-23GUI_Settings: remove `Hide from checks_ev since it is unused and unneeded.Adrien Nader
2016-10-23GUI_Settings: use the definition of checks_ev that is already factored.Adrien Nader
2016-10-23GUI_Settings: the end of subsettings init should not commit the config.Adrien Nader
2016-10-23GUI_Settings: improve the messages about mirror validation.Adrien Nader
2016-10-23GUI_Settings: don't expand vertically the check report elementary frames.Adrien Nader
2016-10-23Web: also handle `Downloaded and `Success progress messages from Get.Adrien Nader
2016-10-23Get: report the start of a download.Adrien Nader
2016-10-23GUI_Settings: add an inwin to give feedback about the validation progress.Adrien Nader