BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
CTIchanged random_mac to use 19498Dominique Martinet12 years
asmadeusstart_vm_prep: add default to KVM_DISK_OPT[0]Dominique Martinet6 weeks
ceaadd udev example configDominique Martinet6 years
drivesarrayadd an extra KVM_PREPEND_PARAMS for scsi bus or other arguments needing to be...Dominique Martinet8 years
fixmigratemigrate: open up firewall-cmd on receive side if existsDominique Martinet8 years
masterkvm-wrapper.conf.default: update pciassign/vfioBenjamin Cohen9 years
sourceDon't busyloop if arguments are malformed on createDominique Martinet8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-11-19kvm-wrapper.conf.default: update pciassign/vfioHEADmasterBenjamin Cohen add (incomplete ?) vfio supportBenjamin Cohen
2014-10-13default conf: add -enable-kvmBenjamin Cohen
2014-01-23bootstrap/debian: add arch configurationJulien Moutinho
2013-11-27bootstrap/debian: use cache=unsafeBenjamin Cohen
2013-11-27bootstrap/debian: fix grub packageBenjamin Cohen fix fail_exit buggy inputBenjamin Cohen
2013-04-10Allow a VM to run if the pid file exists but the VM isn't runningPhilippe Caseiro
2013-04-10save/load-state - use instead of hard-coded pathDominique Martinet
2012-12-17Add pci-assign (passthrough) supportBenjamin Cohen